Let’s be honest, wedding films have come a long way and I could not be happier. Having access to cinema style cameras, stabilizers, and editing software has changed the wedding film industry. Contrary to popular belief, wedding films require a little more TLC than photos. More gear is required and the editing process is a little more in depth.

I constantly hear newlyweds regret not having their wedding filmed. Having a wedding film provides a whole different experience than photo: The expressions of people’s faces, the moment your father walks you down the aisle, or that slow motion shot of you getting cake smashed into your face. Adding a wedding film to your list will guarantee all of that and more.




*Average investment range $3400-$4200*

  • A la Carte Film Collections available upon request

  • 8 Week Film Delivery

  • Two revisions (per film) - Included in all collections

  • HD films delivered via Vimeo

  • Drone Footage is not included. Rates depend on time of year and pilot availability. Stock footage of venue/surrounding area can be used for $150


Your Wedding Film…

Will be captured by two cameramen to ensure a wide variety of angles throughout the day. I can anticipate key moments and initiate raw emotions to be displayed in your films. Your story should not be a collection of scenes randomly put together, rather a cinematic experience of the most beautiful moments of the day that tell a story. Being the lead Photographer, I will direct my film crew in capturing authentic and romantic moments throughout the day. All newlyweds are sent a questionnaire prior to the editing process which ensures I have all the necessary information to customize your films.


Our Films

Receiving one file after you’ve paid thousands seams pretty absurd. I deliver multiple films so you get the most out of your experience. Please browse through the film descriptions to get an idea of what you want delivered after your wedding day. All of my couples receive a highlight film along with a ceremony OR reception film. You also have the option of adding films, such as The Feature Film, which covers your day in greater detail; including pre ceremony, full ceremony, full reception, recorded audio, etc. More info about editing and revisions will be disclosed in our contract.



Golden Hour

8 hrs film coverage

2 Cameramen

2 revisions per film

Vimeo Gallery

-Teaser Film (1 min)

-Highlight Film (5-7mins)

-Feature Film (30+ mins)

-Ceremony Film (20+ mins)

-Reception Film (20+ mins)



6 hrs film coverage

2 Cameramen

2 revisions per film

Vimeo Gallery

- Highlight Film (5-7mins)

-Choose 1: Ceremony, Trailer, or Reception Film