cinematic storytelling



Highlight Films are included in all collections and usually run 5-8 minutes and feature the best scenes from the day. I encourage all my couples to choose multiple films to enhance the viewing experience.

Feature films, ceremony films, and reception films are great to premier with the whole family during the holidays. Teaser films are great to share with your friends and family on social media.

Please look through each Film Gallery to get an idea of what each film offers. The experience of every wedding film is unique for each couple.


Highlight Film

A beautifully crafted cinematic love story. Covers all hours filmed and highlights key moments from your wedding day. Features scenes with vows, toasts, special dances, etc. Film run time is 4-7 minutes. Highlight film is included in all packages


Teaser Film

Relive the most epic parts of your wedding story and share across social media. Teaser films are one minute in length and can be added to any collection.


Feature Film

Look back on all the amazing moments captured by our multi cam team. The Feature Film is stitched together for a docu-style viewing experience and features pre-ceremony, full ceremony, speeches in full, romantic scenes, and details. Film run time is usually 30+ minutes in length (varies by event)


Ceremony Film

Watch your gorgeous bridal party and one true love walk down the aisle and seal it with a kiss. A multi cam viewing experience. Ceremony film run time depends on multiple factors: vow length. ceremony length, religious ceremonies, etc. Can be added to any film collection


Reception Film

Catch all the moments you missed while you were busy partying the night away. Features reception dancing footage, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and speeches in full.


Drone Pilot

Capture scenes from above to incorporate into your wedding films. Drone pilots are not included in any collections due to flight regulations and locations. We also have “stock” footage of most Temecula venues to add into films if necessary.