Hi, I’m Nick



Hey there! So stoked you’re wanting to know a little more about me.

  • I love Jesus

  • Travel is my escape

  • I have 3 generations of wolf dogs

  • Absolutely dislike air-conditioning

  • Coffee, Coconut water, and Kambucha are my drinks of choice

  • Humidity and fitness are essential to my existence

  • California native but grew up in Wyoming… yeehaw

  • I could probably eat the same thing every single day

  • I’m half Peruvian and half Colombian with a little Jew mixed in

  • Learned my artistic technique from my grandfather

maui wedding photographer

As long as I could remember…

I’ve pictured myself having a fast paced career with a slick briefcase all while peering out of a skyscraper hearing my secretary say, “Mr. Gonzalez you have a call on line 1.” Flash forward 20 years and I work from home, my secretary is my 6 yr old son and my view is the world. And about that briefcase…its a camera bag that weighs about 40 freaking pounds. Getting here was not easy and I owe it all to God and all those who trusted me to document their lives.


Being a creative…

has always been my dream, although I wasn’t sure how I’d make a living doing it… And here I am, juggling 35+ weddings a year, raising a son, traveling the world and now starting a media branding company. Creating stunning images flows from the deepest parts of my being. Capturing, sharing and experiencing memories is my greatest passion and so blessed to share that with my couples.


When I’m not working…

you’ll find me hanging out with my family, traveling somewhere tropical, working out, or having much needed quiet time. As much as I love adventure, my favorite place to be is at home playing GI Joes with my son Jonah.

Jonah and I love to stay active and are outside whenever we have the chance. He keeps me pretty busy and love every moment we spend together.


Balancing work & family…

is the toughest part of being self employed. I try my best to disconnect from technology and enjoy life.

My career allows me to work from home, and I am so grateful that I get to watch my son grow up and be present for my family. Since starting my business, I have learned so much about working smarter, not harder. I know my limits and have an amazing team to help the business grow to its fullest potential.

I absolutely love what I do and pour my heart into my work. Which is why I have a team of editors and cameramen to make sure I can fully focus on the needs of my couples.


My style…

is clean and bright with a photo-journalistic approach; meaning I wait for real moments to happen while I gently direct. I edit my images to enhance lighting and/or set a mood while keeping true to the actual scene. I prefer bright and vibrant colors and absolutely love black & white photos. I use Adobe Lightroom to edit and use custom made presets to style each set of photos. I’m a gear hoarder and love staying on top of latest cameras and technologies.


My approach…

to photography is quite simple: Be natural, and wait for direction. Being photographed can be intimidating and uncomfortable for both of us. It's completely normal to feel nervous or silly when posing for the camera. My demeanor really makes my couples feel at ease. At every step, you can expect me to direct our shoot and give gentle guidance in posing and styling. I’ll go through a series of poses and angles with every subject to see what works and what doesn’t. I use a variety of lenses to get different effects and angles. Your shoot should be fun, informative, and well planned.


“He who planted the ear, does He not hear? He who formed the eye, does He not see?”