Sacred Mountain, Julian - Steen and Anna

Atop Sacred Mountain, Julian, overlooking the breathtaking California view Steen and Anna proclaimed

their love and made their vows before many close friends and family members. They turned a page to a

new chapter of their lives together and gave us all proof that while love is not always like a fairytale,

where it’s love at first sight and then happily ever after, it can be a journey worth taking. They may not

have fallen in love in first meeting each other, but it was no coincidence or mistake that God brought

them together. A nine-year friendship turned into an emotional day that will not be forgotten.

They met at Notre Dame High School in Riverside, where their unexpected story began. Though, neither

of them would have known it back then, sitting next to each other in a science class gave them no

indication of the future. Back then Steen was, according to Anna, obnoxious and Anna, in Steen’s eyes, a

nerd. But the Lord had a plan, because three years later they reunited at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church

where they had the same confirmation class. We may never know if it was by fate or design that they

were brought together again, but what we can know is that a budding friendship became a relationship

that became a real-life fairy tale.

Steen proposed Christmas day 2018 and began the new adventure they would take. With their friends

and family close by, they read their own vows with a scenic mountain backdrop. The day was fun and

smooth as they descended the stone staircase to the dance floor, they were welcomed by their family as

a new Mr. and Mrs. True to their vibrant colors, their reception was full of fun including The Habit for

dinner and donuts for dessert.

It was a special day for the vendors too, we had the whole team together. Steen has been my right-hand

man for over five years now in business and to get the opportunity to photograph such an important

moment of his life is priceless. Not to mention, getting to share the day with my second shooter, Sam,

and awesome DJ, Austin. The four of us have had the pleasure of working together often and together

we make up a pretty dynamic team.

From the views and the food to the team of amazing coworkers, family and friends, Steen and Anna’s

wedding was a definite success and one for the books.

Digital Native Media