“He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see?” Psalm 94:9

As long as I could remember, images and sound have been my passion. My childhood dream was having a creative job in a skyscraper, a secretary to say “Mr. Gonzalez you have a call on line 1,” and carry a briefcase. Flash forward 20 years and I work from home with a mountain view, my secretary is my wild son, and oh and about that briefcase… it’s a camera bag that weighs about 45lbs and has way too many pockets. I could never have imagined what was in store for my life but I thank God everyday for His abundant blessings, trials, and everlasting love. Since having my son, it has been my goal to work from home full time and enjoy the many benefits of being self employed. That glorious moment came early 2016 after 8 years of serving at wineries and trying to make it as a photographer the last 4 years. I now rely on God’s grace and providence as I pursue my career as a father, photographer, cinematographer, editor and owner. Life of a single parent and entrepreneur sure is tough but I am glad to be where I am and have faith in God’s plan for my son and I.

My life routines include thanking God for His marvelous creation and saving grace, strong coffee, playing action figures with my son Jonah, spontaneous walks outside with said son, reading my Bible, food prepping, food shopping, eating food, hacking open raw coconuts, and more strong coffee to keep me up as I edit through the night. When I’m not running my business you will find me with my son, bodybuilding, traveling when I can, and visiting with my family. I’m a self taught artist; from pencil and paper, to photoshop illustrations, later to operating my camera like a ninja. Faith and Culture play a huge role in my life. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and hold fast to my Latin American heritage.

About the Business

Nicholas G Photography has been in business since 2013. My style is very clean and airy and or rich with a photo-journalistic approach; meaning I wait for real moments to happen while I shoot and use clean editing techniques to enrich color or set a mood. I also guide clients in flattering poses that they are comfortable with. Photography is awkward for everyone; Having a huge camera in your face is totally different than a selfie. I would say my demeanor and character really makes people feel at ease during their shoot. Shyness is not in my nature. You can be sure I will lead and take charge during your shoot. Before unleashing my inner artist, I will first practice good business and outstanding customer service. I’m always available to my clients by text message or email and have a very organized way of keeping track of my clientele.  Although I primarily photograph weddings, I have had the wonderful experience of photographing family portraits, Professional Profile Photos, Winery Venues, exclusive events, celebrations, and band photos. My business always strives to go outside of comfort zones and experience new opportunities when they present themselves. I also work with several other local photographers and videographers who are sub contracted to provide my services if I am already booked. I work closely with my photo, video, and album editors to complete your project.  Check me out on instagram for my latest projects: @nicholasgphotography