And then there’s video. Wedding videos have come a long way since the 90’s.  They overlooked by many but it is totally worth a little wiggle room in your budget. We are able to capture beautiful moments unravel and work seamlessly with your photographer. Our approach to your wedding day is very documentary like. We love artsy shots but when it comes to weddings, every scene counts and we know how sentimental it is to see family and intimate events unfold. Here is some info that will help you understand the way we shoot, edit and deliver wedding films.
-All of our packages require Two Cameramen since more equipment is needed to capture scenes that reflect our style of having multiple angles.
-A common misconception is that video is easier to do than photo.  Along with having two cameramen, an editor puts in more than 12hrs to make sure your video flows seamlessly and  color is correct. With that being said, video pricing is firm to ensure cameramen and editors are taken care of for their time and effort.  
-Highlight Film: A video that highlights the entire wedding day in a 5-7 minute cinematic sequence. Music and vow audio are added in along with color correction and stabilization. 
-Event Trailer: A one minute preview posted to social media shortly after your wedding. Added to Instagram for sharing
-Documentary Film: An in depth film featuring all usable footage from your wedding in sequence from start to finish. Time depends on usable footage. Edited to music and vow audio.
-Usually a 8 week delivery period.  
Wedding Day Highlight
Two Cameramen - Multi Cam Setup
8 hrs of coverage
Highlight Film
Event Trailer
Edited to vows and music
Digital Download + Youtube upload
Wedding Day Documentary and Highlight
Two Cameramen
8 hrs of coverage
Highlight Film
Wedding Documentary
Event Trailer
Digital Download + Youtube upload
Kimberly and Steven

Candee + Jeff

Shannon + James

Jerrilynn + Robert

Angelica + Randy

 Charlene +  Jared

 Sienna + Justin

Fazeli Winery Wedding

 Beth + Jacob

Amy + Matt 

Kylie + Justin

Milagros + Bryan

Audrey + Ricky

Meredith + Steve

Erin + Eric